ConocoPhillips Jet Fuel Line
I-35 Bridge Wichita, Kansas

Lead Abatement Project
Installing Working Platform
Sandblasting & Painting in
Completed operations
Lead Removal Procedure:

  1. Obtain pre-job soil and paint samples for TCLP Test.
  2. Pull pr-job blood samples on employees to establish base line level.
  3. Apply PreTox as per manufactures instructions. PreTox will encapsulate lead particles.
  4. Tape and mask all critical areas. (beams and cross braces that are not to be sandblasted.
  5. Sandblast as per SSPC_SP10(near white) catch and contain blast media.
  6. Sample spent media and provide laboratory results with lead levels below RL limits.
  7. Apply Sherwin Williams Macro Poxy 646-B-58-600 Series primer, as per manufactures specifications.
  8. Apply Hi-Solids Polyurethane B-65-300/B60-V-30 (white), as per manufactures specifications.
  9. Pull tape, clean areas, and ready for inspection with company representative.
  10. Obtain post job soil samples.
  11. Complete post job blood samples verifying employees did not exceed permissible exposure limits.
  12. Customer completed DOT inspection with 100% compliance.
DOT required the re coating of the 6" jet fuel line.
This pipe was under the I-35 bridge crossing the Arkansas River in Wichita, KS.  The pipe was over 600' long and
carried 1600 bbl. of jet fuel daily from ConocoPhillips South to Wichita Airport.
This job eliminated their DOT compliance issues.
STEP BY STEP Procedure:
Close up of "before" piping
Close up of "after" piping