Kansas Power & Electric
This area was prepped via sandblast.

The concrete was re-built with epoxy grout.

All expansion joint where addressed with flex able joint sealant and overlaid with 1' wide fiberglass scrim and epoxy.

Lower walls received 1/8" Overkrete with 2-16 mil top coats.

Floor received 1/4" Overkrete with sand broadcast.

Ramp received 1/4" Overkrete with #7 flint broadcast to prevent slippage of heavy equipment during clean out.
This containment pond showed signs of severe
chemical exposure.
Leaking containment ponds or secondary containment
leads to many unwanted problems:

  • Contaminated Water Table

  • Costly Government Fees.
Gordon Evens Energy Center
Colwich, KS.
Acid Neutralization Pond
Specialty Coating Crews
Certified Applicators

Call 1-580-256-1900

Complete removal of degraded coating
Apply epoxy grout to smooth and level deck
Apply joint sealant with fiberglass reinforced layer
Screed rake Overkrete to proper thickness
Spinney roll and broadcast sand to an excess
Complete operations
Leading the Industry in Secondary Containment Systems