Specialty Coatings

EPA Approved Secondary Containment Systems
Working hard to preserve concrete,our complete system of floor coatings protect in all types of environments.  Utilize our
application crew, minimize labor costs and reduce downtime as you extend the life of your floors.  For protection against
light pedestrian to heavy vehicular traffic, there is a Concrete Saver product that is in step with your needs.
Typical Applications:

  • Chemical processing plants
  • Secondary containment
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Plating facilities
  • Battery storage areas
  • Food and beverage
Rapid Turn Around Time:

At application temperatures above 65 degrees
Fahrenheit, the OVERKOTE PLUS floor can
support foot traffic in 5-8 hours, full physical use
after 12-24 hours, and full chemical exposer in 4

OVERKOTE PLUS is heavy duty floor topping
material designed for the most severe chemical
service, including immersion in 98% sulfuric acid
and many other strong chemicals and solvents
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Aesthetically Pleasing with extremely high gloss finish and
excellent color stability.

Minimal Maintenance with routine mopping or wash down;
reduces costly upkeep

VOC Compliance with 100% solids and low odor for use in all
regulated areas; meets safety standards.